Award By Aid Year

Once a student navigates to the Award by Aid Year page on GWeb, they will select a Financial Aid Year from the drop-down menu if a year hasn’t previously been selected.

To change to a new aid year, students should click the Select Another Aid Year link near the bottom of the GWeb web page. The Award by Aid Year section of GWeb is central point for financial aid information and is organized into a horizontal tab layout.

Image of the Award By Aid Year screen on GWeb

Tab Information

The General Information tab contains links to the following areas on GWeb. The links include:

  • Award History – a summary of all a student's awards at GW to date
  • Loan History – a summary of a student's loan awards at GW to date
  • My Eligibility – This section of GW displays student requirements, holds, and academic progress statuses for effective terms. The Student Requirements tab shows both outstanding and completed requirements (requested documents or forms) needed to complete the student's financial aid application or for the disbursement of awarded funds to the student's University account.

The General Information tab also has an email link to the student’s specific Financial Aid Office, whether that is for the Office of Student Financial Assistance (Undergraduate/Graduate Students), the Law School Financial Aid Office, or the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Office of Financial Aid.

The Award Overview tab on GWeb contains information on specific housing, enrollment and cost of attendance amounts, if known. Specific award information is also displayed including the name, amounts of aid, and the aid status, whether offered or accepted. Award information is broken out by semester. Students may also print a copy of their award letter and the Federal Shopping Sheet, if available from this tab.

The Resources/Additional Information tab on GWeb lists any outside resource information that has been provided to the financial aid office by the student. A student's resources are ordered by semester.

If an award fund has been offered, a student can accept or decline the award on the Accept Award Offer tab on GWeb. The options for accepting award offers vary depending on their specific award package, but may include the following:

  • Accept the full amount of all awards amount by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards.
  • Decline an award by selecting Decline from the drop down beside the award and select Submit Decision.
  • Accept the full amount of an individual award by selecting Accept from the drop down beside the award and select Submit Decision.
  • Accept the partial amount of an award by selecting Accept from the drop down beside the award, enter the partial amount in whole dollars and select the Submit Decision. Please note that this will split the award evenly over all semesters for which the fund was awarded.

Once a student has made a decision(s) concerning their awards, clicking the Submit Decision button will update the student’s award status in real-time. To reverse a decision made on GWeb, students should contact their respective financial aid office to make a Change Request.

If the financial aid office has posted any special messages to a student’s record, they will display on the Special Messages tab on GWeb. However, most correspondence at GW will occur through a student’s GW email address.