Board of Trustees Scholarship

The Board of Trustees Scholarship (BOT) was awarded to incoming undergraduate students who qualified prior to the 2015-2016 academic year. The BOT can only be used towards tuition expenses. Students cannot combine with GW Employee Benefits, Tuition Exchange, Merit Scholarships or the GW Family Grant with the Board of Trustees Scholarship. In cases where a student is offered multiple awards which cannot be combined, the student will receive the largest award. Other external tuition awards or benefits may be combined with these grants up to the cost of tuition. If the external tuition award and the GW award exceed the total cost of tuition, the GW award will be adjusted.

The BOT is renewable for those students who were awarded the scholarship at the time of admissions for up to ten consecutive semesters of full-time undergraduate enrollment (12 credits per semester) and is subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Semesters spent on leave of absence or continuous enrollment are counted towards the 10 consecutive semesters of enrollment.

Undergraduate students who are receiving the BOT can have funds reinstated upon return to school after an approved leave of absence (subject to other criteria such as full time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress). Students who have been gone for a full year should notify us by phone or email of their plans to re-enroll to ensure aid is processed correctly.  Students who are required to apply for readmission are not eligible for the renewal of this scholarship and must apply as a new applicant.