Assistance Types

Through a combination of federal and institutional grants, scholarships, loans, and college work-study, we hope to assist eligible students in bridging the gap between what they or their family can contribute and the total cost of attending the George Washington University.

Institutional grants and scholarships are available to a student for up to ten consecutive semesters of full-time undergraduate enrollment (12 credits per semester) and are subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Need-based institutional grants are evaluated on a yearly basis and are determined by the student’s financial aid application submitted each year.


Institutional and federal grants may be offered as part of an award package based on individual eligibility for financial assistance.


Institutional scholarships may be offered as part of a student's admission to the university or the financial assistance award package.


Loans may be offered as part of the award package or can be applied for separately. Loans are a debt which must be repaid. 

Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program is a federally-funded work program that allows students who qualify to earn money while working at a pre-approved organization, including GW departments, local nonprofits, government agencies and community service employers.

Military Educational Benefits

ROTC programs and other resources are available for student veterans and military personnel. 

Emergency Funding

GW recognizes that there are times during which a student will need emergency support, whether for personal expenses, textbooks or additional Colonial Cash for meals.  The University offers a number of funds, in the form of loans and grants, to help address emergencies that arise.