Policy - Aggregate Federal Loan Limits

Federal Stafford Loans

Students close to, at, or over their aggregate Stafford loan limit allowable for their current or past grade level, dependency status, and loan type in question, further action may be necessary before the Office of Student Financial Assistance can proceed with the processing of a financial aid application. Unless explicitly requested, the student does not need to submit documentation of their current loan balance to us as we will be able to resolve the issue by viewing the student’s record on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

Federal Stafford Loan Limits

Student Type

Maximum Subsidized

Total Limit

Dependent Undergraduate



Independent Undergraduate
and dependent students with PLUS denial



Graduate/Professional (including undergraduate loans)



Eligible Health Professions (including undergraduate loans)



Students who have exceeded one of the above amounts, but have borrowed below the total limit based on their current student type will have to work with the holder of their loan to come to a resolution on the surplus amount they previously borrowed. Either the excess amount borrowed may be repaid to the lender, or debt can be reaffirmed with them. If the student decides to reaffirm the debt, the lender will send them a letter that must be signed and return to the holder of the loan. Submit a copy of this letter, or a letter from the lender stating satisfactory repayment arrangements have been made to this office so we can clear this requirement from the student’s record.

Federal Perkins Loans

The annual limit for the Federal Perkins Loan is $5500.00.  However the amount that the student is actually offered is dependent on need and on the University’s level of funding.  Generally, awards range from $1000 to $2000.

Aggregate Undergraduate Federal Perkins Loan Limits

1st and 2nd Year


3rd Year and beyond