Policy - Study Abroad

Students participating in GW sponsored or approved programs may use their financial assistance to pay for GW Tuition charges, study abroad program fees and living expenses while on exchange. Students who qualified for work-study cannot utilize that award during the semester abroad.

Undergraduate students who wish to include the cost of airfare or other extraordinary expenses in the cost of attendance budget for loan application purposes may do so by completing the Cost of Attendance Appeal section of the Undergraduate Change Form.

Graduate students must submit a new Graduate Loan Questionnaire along with a copy of their flight itinerary/receipt for airfare and documentation from their program on other anticipated expenses.

Students on GW sponsored or approved study abroad program during the summer may use any unused Federal Direct Stafford loan eligibility, Federal Direct PLUS or private alternative loans.

Students who anticipate refunds from financial assistance and/or loans should consider setting up a refund account in eBill to receive their money electronically. If paper checks are expected from either an alternative loan source or for refund purposes the student will need to designate someone with Power of Attorney authority. The study abroad office has sample forms for this purpose.

For information on GW Study Abroad programs and costs refer to their website: http://studyabroad.gwu.edu/