How Does It Work?

Traditionally, the financing of a college education is the responsibility of students and/or their families. The George Washington University realizes that the cost of a GW education may exceed what a family can contribute. In such cases, GW provides a wide range of financial aid programs to assist students and families with financing the total cost of attending our institution. Our goal is to provide every student with the best possible aid package.

Undergraduate Students

GW’s merit scholarships, awarded to eligible undergraduate students at the time of admission, are based on qualities such as academic strength, athletic ability, artistic talent, and leadership potential. 

Graduate Students

For our graduate students, GW offers financial aid in the form of Federal Direct Unsubsidized, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS, and private alternative loans to students who have been admitted to one of our graduate degree or approved graduate certificate programs. We also have a limited amount of Federal Work study available to Main campus students in degree-granting programs.

Determine Financial Aid Eligibility

Through a combination of financial assistance, we hope to assist eligible students in bridging the gap between what they or their family can contribute and the total cost of attending the George Washington University. The first step to determining financial aid eligibility is done through the application process