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Even after scholarships, federal grants, loans, work study jobs and family contributions, many GW undergraduate students still may face a gap between their expected contribution and the actual cost to attend college.  At GW, a community of wonderful and generous donors have committed funding to provide endowed institutional scholarships to talented students to realize their dreams of pursuing a college degree. Some of these scholarships are geared towards a very specific topic. ie: to a student from Iowa who plays a musical instrument, or the child or grandchild of a U.S. Postal Worker. To help students identify scholarships that match their profile and interests, the university has launched a new database to help match current students with potential funding opportunities.  

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If you identify a scholarship or several scholarships that you are interested in, we encourage you to fill out GW’s General Application to be considered for a donor-funded scholarship. If you are awarded a scholarship, it will be included in the financial assistance package you will receive.