Form and Document Submission Guidelines

Please only submit those documents that are requested or applicable to you; submission of additional documents may result in delays.

Submit Via Fax, Email, Postal Mail, or In Person

Documents may be submitted to our office via fax, email, postal mail, or in personGW forms and other supporting documents should be submitted directly to our office. New students may submit documents online through the CSS Profile Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) system. 

Do Not Use More Than One Submission Method

In order to ensure that your documents are processed in a timely manner, please do not use more than one submission method (i.e., do not fax and also send via regular mail).

Include Student's Name and GWid

Please include the student's name and GWid on all documents submitted to our office. 

For Email Submissions

  • Please send one PDF, TIF or JPG file for each document or form, with a total size not to exceed 2 MB. 
  • If you are sending a multipage document (ex: a tax return), please do not send each page as a separate attachment, instead scan into a multi-page PDF or TIF file.
  • We cannot accept compressed, zipped, password protected files, and/or login credentials to an FTP site.
  • If you are a Mac user, please submit forms as image files (GIF or TIF) or send by mail or fax as there are known compatibility issues with PDF files.