Disbursement is the process by which financial assistance is applied to the student’s university account. Disbursement of financial assistance will only occur after all requirements on the student’s financial aid record have been satisfied.

Account Statements

GW issues account statements for each semester of enrollment. Financial assistance may appear as a temporary credit on the account statement before the semester begins. This is referred to as "pending financial aid". Actual disbursements occur on the first day of classes each semester, provided all disbursement requirements are satisfied.

Timing for Disbursements

Federal regulation prohibits schools from disbursing federal aid earlier than ten days prior to the start of the term. The earliest the student will be able to access loan funds for a semester is the first day of classes. Furthermore, loans must be disbursed in equal installments over all semesters in the selected loan period. Loan proceeds will be disbursed only after the student is properly registered and all documents are received (including Entrance Counseling and MPNs, if applicable).

Private alternative loan funds are disbursed by the lender to the George Washington University by means of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or paper check. If loan funds cannot disburse to the student’s account within 30 calendar days from when they are received due to any discrepancy, we will return them to the lender. If the funds are still necessary the student will be required to reapply.

Financial assistance disbursed to a student's account that exceeds the amount of the semester bill may generate a refund to the student.

Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office provides support for billing, refunds, tuition rates & fees, and more.