New Undergraduate

The 2024-25 FAFSA Form will be available in December 2023.

The information below provides the required application materials and priority deadlines for each applicant type to apply for financial assistance for the 2024-2025 academic year. GW students applying for re-admission should follow the fall or spring transfer student deadlines for the term they are applying to return. For the 2024-2025 Academic Year, use your 2022 tax information to satisfy the prior year Tax Returns and W2 Statement requirements. You may submit your financial aid documents online through the CSS Profile Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) system. See How to Apply for more information.

General Deadlines for New Undergraduate Students


  • Early Decision 1 - November 1
  • Early Decision 2 - January 5
  • Regular Decision - January 5
  • Fall Transfer - April 15 
  • Spring Transfer - October 1

Required Application Steps for Students

  • Complete the CSS Profile and Non-Custodial Profile (if applicable) using School Code 5246
  • Complete the FAFSA using School Code 001444. (Early Decision 1 applicants will need to complete the FAFSA once it becomes available in December)
  • Submit to us your parent's prior year Tax Returns
  • Submit to us your parent's prior year W2 Statements
  • Submit to us your (the student's) prior year Tax Returns
  • Submit to us your (the student's) prior year W2 Statements
  • Submit to us all requested Verification Documents (if applicable)

Deadlines for Other Programs: 2nd Bachelors Degree, College of Professional Studies, Online Learning Students, and Certificate Students


  • Fall Applicants - April 15
  • Spring Applicants - October 1
  • Summer Applicants - April 1

Required Application Steps for Students

  • Complete the FAFSA using School Code 001444
  • Submit to us all requested Verification Documents (if applicable)
Continuing Undergraduate

Continuing Undergraduate

General Deadlines for Continuing Undergraduate Students

Application Step


FAFSA – School Code 001444

March 1

Verification Documents



CSS Profile – School Code 5246

Verification of Income

Review the application process to learn how to apply.


These deadlines apply to application completion for Federal Direct Unsubsidized, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS, and/or private alternative loan funding.  Completing the application by the deadlines will ensure that loan funds will be credited to the student’s university account at the beginning of the requested semester(s) if all other disbursement requirements are met.

Students may apply for loans for more than one semester within an Academic Year on a single application. Review the loan application process to learn how to apply.

Graduate Student Application Deadlines

Semester Deadline

February 15th – FAFSA

May 15th – Federal Direct Graduate PLUS and private alternative loan applications

Spring August 1st – All Loan Documents
Summer  December 1st – All Loan Documents

We will certify loan applications for each semester up until two weeks before the last day of classes for that semester. Federal regulations prohibit the processing of federal student loans after the term for which the funds were intended has ended. If a student owes a balance is due to the university after the last day of the loan period, we can process an alternative loan application for the amount due, minus any late fees and interest that has accrued.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the actual arrival date of your loan funds.  Loan applicants are not exempt from tuition payment deadlines as outlined in the George Washington University Bulletin found online at Thus, you should be prepared to make tuition payments if your loan funds do not arrive by the start of the term, and to cover book and living expenses until such time as any credit balance can be released.