Forms and Documents

Please select the appropriate aid year when downloading requested forms for submission.

Forms that may be required to complete the financial assistance application are arranged by aid year and student level.  Based on your circumstances you may be required to submit all or only some of the listed forms or documents.

Notification of required verification documents will be sent to the student’s GWemail address. Although periodic reminders are sent to students who have declared their intent to enroll, students should proactively check for any required forms or documents listed in GWeb under the "My Eligibility" section. While an initial application may not require submission verification documents, documents may be required at a later date.

Refer to the Document Submission Guidelines for information on submitting forms and documents to our office.

Students should only submit those documents that are specifically requested. Submission of documents that are not required or applicable to a student's individual circumstances may result in delayed processing.

Document Processing Outage Alert

GW’s document processing software will be undergoing an upgrade July 23, 2021 through August 2, 2021 and will not be available to GW students to submit documents through GWeb eForm Document Submission or to GW staff to process student documents. Students and parents may still submit requested documents through postal mail, email, fax and in person, however, we will not be able to process the documents and clear any requirements during the upgrade period. We apologize for the inconvenience.