Martin Emergency Loan Fund

  • Jessie B. Martin Emergency Loan Fund
  • Peter and Doris Firsht Student Loan Fund
  • Barney Plotnick, MD, Student Loan Fund
Maximum Loan Amount: $1,000 per semester to be applied directly to tuition and/or fees
Full-time employees of the university are not eligible to receive these loans. 

Terms: The loan will be charged to my student account immediately after I am registered or within 30 days, whichever comes first. As described in the regulations of the Student Accounts Office (, I understand and agree that I am also responsible for any interest of 12% per annum that may accrue and late payments fees of up to $150.00 per semester. The only exceptions to these charges are situations resulting from financial aid delays solely by the Office of Student Financial Assistance or from disputed charges to my account. 


I understand that a balance of $2,500 on my student account may place a hold on my student records.

If I am awarded federal financial aid, I authorize the university to use that aid to repay this emergency loan, which will become part of my student account balance. If there is no pending financial aid, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the payment of the balance to Student Accounts.


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